An all new FZ25 has been developed with a newly designed air-cooled, 249 cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder, high-torque fuel-injected engine on a lightweight frame (148 Kgs) enabling the joy of control as the rider intends. These features establish the FZ25 as a "Powerful, mid-class, street fighter" for the Next FZ World. The design emphasizes both the senses of mass forward layout and downforce, evoking the powerful muscles of an athlete. This newly launched street model delivers riding enjoyment as well as excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance. The new 249 cc single-cylinder engine is proven on sport bikes for the Japanese market, the model's engine has been fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian traffic environment, primarily in the intake/exhaust systems and the ignition system. Building on the reputation, the new model has been developed with Yamaha's New Generation Engine Development Ideal - 'Blue Core' featuring overall improved performance including fuel efficiency, acceleration and environmental friendliness. The model is compliant to BS IV emission standards. With its maximum power output of 20.9 PS at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 20 N m at 6,000 rpm, FZ25 offers an impressive array of new features including the LED headlight and an LCD instrument cluster with a high-quality look evoking a sense of innovation, a mudguard that moves with the swing arm, wheels with a spoke design like that of MT Series bikes and racing style footpads (rear seats) making it an irresistible option as the top-end model of the FZ Series. At the same time, it offers the nimbleness and easy-to-use character for daily use as well as riding excitement in a variety of usage scenes.

Engine type
Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Bore & Stroke
Compression ratio
Maximum Power
Maximum torque

Overall Length x Width x Height
2015mm x 770mm x 1075mm
Weight(with oil and a full fuel tank)
Minimum ground clearance
160 mm
Seat height
Minimum turning radius

Frame type
Suspension type(Front)
Telescopic fork
Suspension type(Rear)
Brake type(Front/Rear)
Hydraulic single disc, ∅282mm/Hydraulic single disc, ∅220 mm
Tyre size(Front)
100/80-17M/C 52P Tubless
Tyre size(Rear)
140/70-17M/C 66S Tubless

Other Information
Fuel Tank Capacity
Carburetor type/Fuel Supply
Fuel injection
Clutch type
Wet,multiple disc
Transmission type
Constant mesh,5-speed
Shift type
Shock absorber assembly type(Front/Rear)
Coil spring/Hydraulic damper/Coil spring/Hydraulic damper
Hydraulic bulb type
Auxiliary light
Brake/tail light
Turn signal light(Front/Rear)
Fuel gauge
Fuel consumption indicator




The FZ25 mounts a 249cc air-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHO, fuel-injected engine. Based on a reliable 250cc single-cylinder engine proven on sport bikes for the Japanese market, the FZ 25's engine has been fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian traffic environment, primarily in the intake/exhaust systems and the ignition system. The 74 x 58 mm bore x stroke, hemispherical combustion chamber and 9.8:1 compression ratio gives this engine its maximum power output at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque at 6,000 rpm. The shapes of the combustion chamber and the intake port have been optimized to boost combustion speed. Furthermore, this engine adopts a Lightweight forged aluminum piston, a plated cylinder with outstanding heat dissipation characteristics, thin piston rings for reduced power loss and more. Also, a balancer is added to reduce vibration perceived by the ride -(s).


Front and rear brakes with excellent stopping power The friction-producing components of the front and rear brakes are well balanced with the brake lever and pedal components to produce braking force consistent with the rider's inputs. The 282 mm diameter front disc is coupled with brake pads using a new material l2-pot brake caliper) for good initial bite while also having minimal change in feel in wet conditions. The brake lever is also newly designed for ease of grip and helps provide linear braking force in response to the amount of input. In the rear is a 220 mm disc brake with a single-pot caliper.


Bright, energy-efficient LED lights are adopted for the headlight, taillight and brake light. The LED lighting is characterized by its design for optimal illumination, especially in points like the balance of illumination breadth by the low-beam headlight. The headlight is a three-light type: twolor the low beam and a third one below them that comes on with the other two for the high beam. The turn signals use conventional incandescent bulbs.


A midship muffler, with its advantages in mass concentration, weight reduction and shorter Length, is adopted. The primary chamber is positioned beneath the crankcase and the expansion chambers in the muffler are specialty designed to produce a harmonious balance of Low-frequency sound and a crisp sense of pulse. The resulting exhaust note communicates the euphoric joy of motorcycling to the rider white sending a distinct sound filled with presence to the surroundings.


Separate seats with slip-resistant cover material The separate seats are designed with a balance of shape, cover material, cushion thickness and other elements to ensure both a good feeling of fit for the rider and onboard comfort for the tandem passenger. The surface of the front portion of the tandem seat has a small bulge to bring a good feeling of hold even during acceleration and deceleration. The sitting point on the tandem seat is about 12 cm higher than that of the rider's seat to provide good forward visibility for the tandem passenger.


Front and rear suspensions that provide a comfortable ride.A front fork with big 41 mm inner tubes and a 130 mm of stroke (travel' is adopted. Optimally tuned for sufficient rigidity, spring rate and damping characteristics, it provides excellent shock-absorbing performance and a good feeling of stability during braking. The fear suspension is a lightweight link-less Monocross suspension unit. It is also tuned for a good balance between the spring rate and damping force. It provides 120 mm of wheel travel to keep the tire in contact with the road, even on rougher road surfaces. The spring is a dual-rate type that provides a good combination of functionality and shock-absorbing performance when riding solo and a good feeling of stability and shock-absorbing capacity when riding two-up.


The sharp LED taillight creates a strong first impression the moment you look at it.


Rear tire with specially formulated compound and lightweight wheels The sizes of the tubeless tires are 100/80-17 in front and 140/70-17 for the rear, and they are mounted on newly designed lightweight wheels. The 140 mm wide rear tire adopts a specially developed compound formula that has good grip - characteristics and a good feeling of contact with the road.

Racing Blue

Racing White

Knight Black

Warrior White

Ballistic Blue

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